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How I became an award winning makeup artist (plus my top 3 tips for 2019)

The actual strategies I used to win a global makeup artist award competition.

Alyshia Jones
Updated April 8, 2019

Hi there, my name is Alyshia Jones and I am a 24 year old self taught makeup artist from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

I decided to enter the 2018 IBI Awards which was the first year they hosted it. I believe this competition is a great way for new artists to feel appreciated for their hard work that they do and to be recognised by a worldwide audience.

It’s also super easy to enter; you can submit photos of previous looks you have done in the past (within the last year).

“There’s no need for long hours of editing videos of your looks or trying to get people to vote for you!”

This makeup competition is 100% fair as it is strictly judged on the artistry and it is not about how many followers you have. I find it awesome that this competition has so many categories you can enter under such as special effects, creative makeup, wedding makeup and even hair styling!

I was a winner for the Best Full Face category for my ‘blue cut crease makeup’ look, I became winner for Best Special Effects makeup for my ‘exposed arm bones’ look, I was a finalist under Best Creative/Unconventional for my ‘blue sea creature’ look and I was also a finalist for best moulage/injury for my ‘sliced hand SFX makeup’ look which I did not expect at all!

Photo: Alyshia Jones

I received two beautiful statuettes for my two award winning placements and two certificates for my finalist positions which I now display up in my room!

“It makes me feel proud of all my hard work that I have put into my artistry over the last few years.”

I will give you all 3 main tips that will help you to stand out against other makeup artists in the 2019 makeup awards. These tips will hopefully give you a better chance at winning a category or being a finalist in such an awesome worldwide competition.


TIP 1: Be original

Nobody likes to see a look that has been done many times before! I chose to do looks that were unique, creative and that fitted my own art style and I believe this helped my work stand out to the judges.

This makes them remember your work if you choose to be original. Think outside of the box with your artistry – and you can always look online for inspiration if you get stuck!


TIP 2: Bring that WOW factor

Think about what will bring that wow factor when people see your work! If you are thinking about entering a SFX or a more creative category, think PAST the artistry.

This can be anything from making head pieces and costumes to fit the character you are trying to portray. It could be the choice of colours, adding in contact lenses to create a more ‘creepy’ look, using wigs to match the makeup, adding 3D items to your look (such as diamonds, sequins, shells etc).

Also choosing a nice background that suits/cool scenery to take photos in can also make your look stand out. If you are a mystical character choosing an area in the woods or some rocks by the beach may look super cool!


TIP 3: Keen eye for detail

This is my biggest tip I go by and is something I think that makes my work stand out! If your look is detailed then I think it makes it more eye catching and it makes it look like you’ve put more effort in.

Ask your friends or family what they think you could add to make it be more detailed. Fine lines and patterns and great colour blends always looks great and for SFX/injury makeup doing a really gorey look is fun! Lots of bruising and blood with creepy added extras such as bones or stitches and staples – think of things you can do which people will always remember!


I hope you liked these tips on how to stand out amongst the competition and find these tips handy if you decide to enter this year’s IBI Awards! I hope you guys will enter and show off your talent and artistry as those dedicated and passionate deserve to be recognised and rewarded! It is so worth entering-what have you got to lose?!


Alyshia Jones

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