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Entering the competition

When will The 2023 IBI Awards open/close for online entries?

The 2023 IBI Awards open for entries on August 15th, 2022 and close on at 11.59pm PST on November 9th.


How and where do I enter?

Use the Enter page. There are 3 basic steps to the entry process:

  • Upload photos of the look(s) you’d like to enter
  • Choose categories that make the most sense
  • Include payment and shipping information


What are the requirements or specifications for photos?

Photos must be in Jpeg or Png format, less than 10Mb each

When are results announced?

Winners and Finalists will be announced approximately 1 month after closing date.


Why is there an entry fee, why is it not free to enter?

The IBI Awards are an artist-funded platform and fully independent. To ensure judging is uninfluenced there are no sponsors or brands funding the competition. Entry fees cover the costs of running the competition platform and statuettes, certificates and shipping. Unlike other competitions, statuettes, certificates and shipping are included, regardless of where in the world a winner or finalist lives.

This award is about you, the artisan, and by everyone contributing a small fee, we can keep it that way.


How can I enter for free?

Are you a Student?
As part of The IBI Awards commitment to the beauty industry, students are eligible for (1) free entry into either the Student Hair or Student Makeup category. The student categories are for newcomers and are not intended for professionals taking continuing education courses.  Only active beauty students are eligible. Apply using the Student Eligibility Application

Enter Reparative Makeup or Hair
This is always a free category. If you are transforming people’s self esteem while they battle a physical illness or injury, we want to celebrate you.  This could mean makeup application for a woman battling illness or in some cases this could also be microblading missing eyebrows or prosthetics secured with cosmetics like spirit gum. Past entrants have tackled everything from burns to vitiligo to severe acne scarring. Any reparative hair artistry is included here from wigs, hair pieces, to styling.  See the 2020-2021 winners of Reparative Makeup and Reparative Hair.


Is there a winner for each category?

Yes. The highest scoring entrant in each category is an IBI Award winner and will receive the Statuette. However, if Judges feel the quality standards for a category have not been met they may opt to not recognize a winner. In the rare occurrence this happens all entrants in that category will be refunded their entry fees.


How are entries judged?

Entrants are judged numerically on a scale of 1-10 by the IBI Independent Judging Council in the following categories:

Technical Execution (difficulty, quality/complexity of the look, and techniques used)
Visual Success
Overall Impression

Those scores are added up to equal the final score. The top scorer in each category is the Winner and the next highest scoring entrants are Finalists.


Is there an in-person event or ceremony to travel to?

No. We’d love to celebrate with all the international artists and finalists in person but it’s simply not practical or fair to expert entrants to pay to travel from across the globe to an event. This Award is truly international, we want an artist entering in New York to have the same opportunity and experience as those in Australia, Kuwait, Ukraine, Ireland, Nepal or anywhere else in the world.


By submitting photos of my work, am I giving up my rights to them?

No! Your work is always your own and you retain ownership of it. By submitting, you are giving permission to IBI to optionally feature or promote your work with your name as part of our mission to celebrate artists!

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