2022-2023 Global Hair Competition

Judged entirely independently, The IBI Awards is an International Hair Competition open to any salon, stylist or hair artisan, from all over the world.

You’ll be judged on one thing – your work.

“DESERT WARRIOR” by Jamie Wile, USA – 2019 Finalist, Best Fantasy / Creative Style

The 2023 IBI Awards are now open for entries until November 6th, 2022

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The IBI Award Statuette
Custom created in New York City by the designers behind the Emmy® and MTV awards.

If you slayed hair in the past year, then you’re eligible to enter.

IBI’s mission is to recognize excellence, talent, hard work and creativity in global beauty industry artisans, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who their clients are. 

What would becoming Internationally Award-Winning mean to you?

The IBI (International Beauty Industry) Award is the first hair and salon competition of its kind to celebrate the work of beauty artisans working behind-the-scenes all over the world.

“Multi Colour Beauty” by stylist AhKim Anthony Tan of Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia.
2018 FINALIST, Best Avant-Garde / Hair Art category.


INdustry Hair & Asthetics Salon


Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, salon owners and hair artisans Marilyn and David Venditteli won the most 2018 IBI Awards in both cut and color categories. And picked up a bunch of media attention, including TV.

“We’re going to keep competing, keep creating,” said Marilyn, who hopes the focus will eventually shift to the salon’s other stylists and beauty professionals.

Read more about INdustry Hair’s journey

Featured in Niagrathisweek.com, Steve Henschel/Metroland


Alison Valsamis

We’re so fortunate to have professional judges like veteran master stylist and colorist Alison Valsamis who donate their time and expertise to make sure the #IBIAwards are fair and independent.

We do a blind judging to ensure that the focus is always on the artistry. This is what makes our awards so special.

Alison’s dreamy braided updo went viral after being inspired by planting roses with her grandmother. “…my intention was to challenge myself as an artist and as an educator. On Instagram there’s such an incredible community of artists that support each other and inspire each other and we keep challenging each other to do more, and be better.”


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