Apply to join The IBI Independent Judging Council

The IBI Independent Judging Council are the very definition of Beauty Artisans and leaders in their fields and from around the globe. They are continually inspiring and encouraging the beauty community by freely sharing their incredible knowledge, talents and passion.

Expert beauty and hair industry professionals, who do not have an active award entry are eligible to apply to join the Judging Council.  In the interest of keeping the competition as fair as possible, once an artist has served on the Judging Council, they can no longer enter the IBI Awards as a competitor.

If you want to participate in defining and honoring the industry standard, then tell us why you should be considered for a judging position below, evidence of your professional standing is required.

Being a member of the Judging Council is an honorary position, there is not monetary compensation. However, Judges are free to promote their position in the International Beauty Industry to their followers and clients.

IBI Judging Council Application

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