Global makeup competition.

THE 2020/2021 IBI AWARDS

The IBI Awards is an international hair & Makeup Competition open to (almost) any makeup artist anywhere in the world. You’ll be judged on one thing – your work.

No travel.
No sponsors.
No popularity voting.

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The IBI Award Statuette
Custom created in New York City by the designers behind the Emmy® and MTV awards.

2019 IBI Awards Makeup Competition Winner, Deimante Kondrotiene for the Best Eyes category.

All online.
All about the artistry.

Imagine a makeup competition that was focused exclusively on celebrating the work of makeup artisans from all walks of life, all over the world.

We know the beauty industry is painted, colored, shaped, created and transformed by real, everyday, hard-working artists. If you’ve wanted to apply for a beauty award before but not been eligible then this award’s for you.

What would becoming Internationally Award-Winning mean to you?

Here it won’t matter who you are, what products you use, where you come from or how many followers you have.

The IBI Awards is the only makeup competition where an amateur is judged exactly the same as a pro because you will be judged solely on the artistry you submit.



Art Director, Makeup Artist, and Teacher at the prestigious Make-Up Designory NYC.

Member of the IBI Independent Judging Council.


Quality. Equality.

The IBI Award was created by people who passionately believe you don’t need to be a celebrity makeup artist or have millions of followers to create award-winning work.

The Makeup Competition for People (Not Products)

To recognize excellence, talent, hard work and creativity in global beauty industry artisans, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who their clients are. 

“Love your page and so happy about your support to the beauty industry!”

Isidro Valencia

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