The Global Makeup Competition.

THE 2023-2024 IBI AWARDS

The IBI Awards is the international Hair & Makeup Competition open to makeup artists from all over the world. You’ll be judged on one thing – your work.  The 2024 competition will open for entries in November, 2023.

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No popularity voting.

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    The 2024 IBI Awards will open for entries November 2023

    More about the competition

    2019 IBI Awards Makeup Competition Winner, Deimante Kondrotiene for the Best Eyes category.

    All online.
    All about the artistry.

    Imagine a makeup competition that was focused exclusively on celebrating the work of makeup artisans from all walks of life, all over the world.

    We know the beauty industry is painted, colored, shaped, created and transformed by real, everyday, hard-working artists. If you’ve wanted to apply for a beauty award before but not been eligible then this award’s for you.

    What would becoming Internationally Award-Winning mean to you?

    Here it won’t matter who you are, what products you use, where you come from or how many followers you have.

    The IBI Awards is the only makeup competition where an amateur is judged exactly the same as a pro because you will be judged solely on the artistry you submit.



    Art Director, Makeup Artist, and Teacher at the prestigious Make-Up Designory NYC.

    Member of the IBI Independent Judging Council.


    Quality. Equality.

    The IBI Award was created by people who passionately believe you don’t need to be a celebrity makeup artist or have millions of followers to create award-winning work.

    The Makeup Competition for People (Not Products)

    IBI’s mission is to recognize excellence, talent, hard work and creativity in global beauty industry artisans, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who their clients are. 

    “So happy about your support to the beauty industry!”

    Isidro Valencia

    Who can apply?

    How it works


    The Complete Guide

    How To Prepare For An International Makeup Artistry Competition

    Makeup competitions are for everyone in the industry and the International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards) were created so everyone who works in the field has an opportunity to enter an international competition. 

    No matter your experience or where you are from, The International Beauty Industry Awards want to see what you can create and celebrate your art.

    This competition is fueled by the importance of inclusivity, so whether you work in a high profile salon or are a makeup influencer creating content in your bedroom, The IBI Awards offer the same chance to all beauty creators to enter a makeup contest online. 

    This takes the opportunity beyond a local beauty salon competition and onto an international stage, without requiring entrants to attend events in person and go to expensive awards ceremonies. 

    The IBI Awards are about your talent as a makeup artist. Your work will be judged on your entry alone, not by your reputation, the products you use or the number of followers you have. 

    So, how do you get prepared for a makeup artist competition

    If you’ve ever entered one before, you will know there are various aspects you need to consider to get prepared. If you haven’t entered a beauty or makeup contest before, here’s a quick guide to entering.

    Let’s walk through some important things to consider in the leadup that will help put your best foot forward in the competition.


    Focus on your strengths

    For your best shot at winning or getting noticed in a makeup contest, you should focus on your strengths. 

    No matter if your thing is spectacular, bold makeup looks, or a more natural look, we want to see what you do best as a makeup artist. Playing to your strengths will give you your best shot at winning. 

    With your strengths in mind, consider different concepts you can play around with. Think through all parts of your presentation and make sure everything works cohesively with the look and story you are creating. Applying makeup and your technique is one aspect, but your overall concept is equally important. 

    Get inspired

    Artists find inspiration in all kinds of ways. When you’re planning to enter an online makeup competition like The IBI Awards, you might want to turn to your favorite sources of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

    For you, this may involve looking at the latest trends in the industry, taking inspiration from makeup influencers you are ​​following, spending some time in a place that inspires your creativity (nature, an art gallery, museum, fashion show) or watching a makeup competition show like Glow Up on Netflix

    Decide on the category

    All areas of any artform are important and worth celebrating. Unlike most makeup artist competitions, The IBI Awards have a wide selection of categories dedicated to different areas of the craft. This is part of what makes The IBI Awards so inclusive and diverse. 

    Once you’ve considered your strengths as a makeup artist, choose the category that you would like to enter. You can browse through the list of almost 50 specialized categories here. 

    Be sure to familiarize yourself with the competition rules and guidelines for each category to make sure your submission(s) are placed in the most appropriate category. 

    If you choose to enter a category with specific requirements (E.g. Best Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Makeup look), then you will need to think about what products you can apply and if you have all the tools you need to create your vision. 

    Make sure to check to see if you qualify for one free entry to the competition in the Best Student Makeup category, which is free for all students currently enrolled in a beauty course. 

    If you use makeup to help people with disease or disfigurement then consider enter a piece into the Reparative Makeup category.  The IBI Awards recognizes the impact of this work and this category is always free to enter.

    Choose a model, photographer and more

    So now that you’ve considered your concept, you need to think about how you will present your work. 

    The canvas for your work is important.

    Do you have a model for your makeup look or will you apply makeup to yourself? 

    Will you work with a photographer to capture your artistry or take the photos yourself? 

    These are all options, but they are important things to consider when preparing for an international beauty competition.

    “African Beauty” by Vikki Aldridge Western Australia // 2022 Semi-Finalist Best Full Face

    What Are Judges Looking For In Makeup Competitions?

    The IBI Awards are judged by an Independent Judging Council made up of the industry’s greatest minds and talents. 

    Each member of the judging panel has unique talents and diverse industry experience that they bring to select both the winners and finalists of the competition. 

    The judging process is fair and unbiased. 

    The judges are not shown any identifying information about competition entrants including names, professional background or their country of origin. 

    It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur makeup artist or an industry veteran your work is judged solely by what is submitted to the competition. 

    To win the makeup competition, your work will need to catch the attention of the judges and meet the requirements of the category. 

    The judges will assess your entry based on the follow criteria:

    • Visual Success – Does it look good? Is it visually attractive or convincing? Whether your style is glamorous, natural or avant-garde, the judges are looking to see if the intended result was achieved.
    • Technical Execution – This is a makeup contest, so of course the application of makeup and your technique is of the utmost importance.
      Judges rate the tactical skill level seen in the look, and quality/complexity of the techniques used (think balance, symmetry, transitions, cleanliness, and details)
    • Creativity & Concept – How does your entry/entries fit into the competition category? Did you create something unique or something that fits the theme of your chosen category? Is it appropriate to context?

    Alongside the objective criteria, the Judging Council will consider “is this piece award-winning?” Taking top quality, clear and well thought-out photos of your entry/entries will help make sure you meet these criteria.

    Each judge will carefully score all of the entries in each category while considering quality standards and criteria.

    The winners of the International Beauty Industry Awards are the ones who receive the single highest scoring entry in each category. There is only one winner per category.

    The Finalists of the Awards are those who received the next highest scoring entry after the winner. There are typically one or two finalists per category provided that the entries met the quality standards and criteria.

    “Renaissance” by Cori Aston Texas, USA // 2022 Semi-Finalist, Best Eyes

    How To Best Present Your Work To Makeup Artist Competitions?

    Makeup competitions are not photo competitions and many Winners and Finalists of The IBI Awards have succeeded without professional photo shoots.

    However, it’s important to present your artistry in the best light, whether creatively or with clarity. The quality of the photos of your work is an important factor when you submit an entry to a makeup competition online.  

    It’s not just about the makeup applied, your work will be judged by your overall presentation. Unlike in-person events, the Judges do not have other chances to see your artistry. 

    The best way to present your work is by having clear, good quality and well thought out pictures.  

    You can include up to 3 photos for each entry into The IBI Awards. 

    You don’t need to be a professional photographer or hire one to get those great quality photos of your work. 

    In saying that, you will need to pay attention to the quality of your presentation to capture the attention of the judges. 

    You’ve got one chance to make your impression, so make it a lasting one. 

    So, what should you consider to get the perfect shot? 

    Here are our top industry tips for taking the best photos of your winning makeup look.


    Don’t underestimate the power of lighting to take exceptional pictures of your makeup artistry. 

    The lighting will make a huge difference and allow you to capture the details and colors as you intended them. 

    You don’t NEED to use fancy, expensive or professional lighting to capture your work either. 

    If you can use natural lighting, do. Using indirect natural lighting with your subject facing the light source (such as a window) will do wonders for capturing your work on camera.


    While you are presenting your work as an overall concept, your makeup artistry is the focus. 

    The best practice for taking pictures of your work is to use a simple, plain colored or neutral background. 

    Using a plain background will help ensure that your work remains the focus of the picture and removes any distractions such as blur or a distraction in the background. 

    Framing the Image

    Make sure you are showcasing your award winning makeup by thinking through the composition of your photo. 

    Your best bet for framing is to keep your images upright and make sure all aspects of your makeup artistry are portrayed in the photos. 

    While the face is the focal point, avoid cropping off the neck or you’ll risk making your entry look like a floating head. 

    You want to frame your image in a way so the whole concept can be seen and understood. 

    While zooming in or cropping the image on your focal point may draw the viewer’s attention to a part of the image (e.g. the eyes if you’re entering the Best Eye Makeup Category) be mindful that Judges love to see images that capture the entire look and not only that specific detail. 

    If this applies to your entry, you could include an image that clearly shows the detail in your work around the eyes, as well as an image that shows the overall makeup look.  

    The same goes for photos taken at an angle. It may be a cool effect aesthetically, but viewers may feel they need to tilt their heads to comprehend the image. 

    When in doubt, keep it simple. 

    Quality Control

    Be sure to check and then double check the quality of your images. 

    Do they do justice to your work? 

    Images that are blurry or out of focus will make scoring more difficult for the judges and will likely be judged accordingly. 

    Remember, your work needs to be award-worthy to be considered a finalist and blurry pictures aren’t going to do your work justice. 

    File Size 

    It is always best practice to submit the original high-quality image when you enter a makeup contest.

    The IBI Awards accepts JPG and PNG file formats, 10MB or under with a recommended minimum dimension of 1,000 pixels.

    This ensures that your top-notch work is viewed in all its detailed glory. 

    Avoid submitting screenshots of your work. While the quality might look alright on your phone, it will be significantly lower when your work is being viewed by judges on a larger computer screen. 

    If you are taking photos of yourself, selfies work to capture a great image of your makeup. 

    If you take this approach do not use the selfie camera on your phone. Even when using a new smartphone with a great camera, the selfie camera is still much lower quality than the primary phone camera. Use the phone’s primary  camera instead. 

    Tip: If you are taking a selfie, you can set the camera up in front of a mirror to ensure you are in frame and that your angles are flattering. 

    Copyright information

    When you submit your work to The IBI Awards, it remains your intellectual property. 

    Your application does allow The IBI Awards to publish your work across their channels, giving your work the publicity and recognition it deserves.  The IBI Awards will ask you to acknowledge that you have permission from the photographer or any other owner to do so. 

    You may only submit your own work to The IBI Awards and work that breaches any copyright agreements will not be accepted.

    “Outside the Lines” by James DeMoss, California, USA // 2022 Winner Best Men’s Makeup

    What Are Typical Makeup Award Categories You Can Submit To?

    The beauty industry is made up of people with diverse talents. For that reason, many makeup awards allow entrants to submit their work to various categories. 

    This allows artists who have expertise in certain niches of the beauty industry to have their talents recognized.

    The IBI Beauty Awards has almost 50 categories you can submit your work to. 

    This means you can show off your skills and be recognized for your work whether you specialize in avant-garde looks, bridal makeup or natural makeup looks. 

    The IBI Awards wants to acknowledge and give a space for all kinds of talent to be celebrated, so they’ve created a competition to do just that.


    Makeup Artistry

    Best Full Face Makeup – This category focuses on the overall full face makeup look. You can take a simple or dramatic approach, as long as the look creates a beautiful and consistent result.

    Best Eyes Makeup – This one is all about the eyes. You can get creative with eyeliner, lashes or color. Your full face pictures can be included in your entry, as long as the eyes are the focal point. 

    Best Lips Makeup – The focus here is all about the lips, whether you create an understated or bold look. 

    Best Natural Makeup – This one is more about enhancing the natural beauty of your subject with a natural makeup look.

    Best Glam Makeup – The aim of the game here is not to be subtle, judges will be looking for the best glamorous makeup look. Be bold and don’t hold back.

    Best Before & After Makeup – The best before & after makeup look will focus on the transformation. You will want to include a before and after shot to qualify for this category.

    Best Creative / Unconventional Makeup – There are no limits or boundaries for this category. Don’t try and follow the trends, the more creative and unconventional your look is, the better. 

    Best Avant-Garde Makeup – New, different and experimental makeup looks. These looks may fit into the creative category, but they take it a step further. Cutting edge looks are welcome here and so is out-of-the-box thinking. 

    Best Editorial Makeup – Think magazine, the best editorial makeup look will tell a story. Be sure to include background information on your entry to give the whole picture. 

    Best High Fashion Makeup – These are the makeup looks you would see on the top haute couture runways. 

    Best Culturally Inspired Makeup – Beauty standards and cultural influences are different in every culture. This category gives artists the opportunity to be inspired by their culture and share it with the world.  

    Best Men’s Makeup – Any look created on a man or male-identifying person can be entered in this category. You could go bold or simple. 

    Best Drag Makeup – Drag looks are all about creating something outside of the gender binary. These makeup looks are usually bold, bright and highly expressive with exaggerated features. Any gender is welcome to submit their best drag makeup look to this category. 

    Best Use of Glitter In Makeup – Don’t hold back on the glitter for this category, it’s all about looks that use glitter as their point of focus. 

    Best Special Effects MakeupThis category gives a platform for artists using any special effects such as sculpting, prosthetics, textures, molding and casting and body paints.

    Best Moulage / Injury Makeup –  This category is specifically for makeup looks that use Moulage / Injury Makeup to create fake cuts, bruises, wounds and other representations of lifelike injuries. 

    You could create a Halloween makeup competition entry in this category provided the result of the injury appears lifelike. 

    Best Character/Cosplay Makeup – Get creative for this category in your recreation of either a well known or your own created character.  Include information and a backstory for your character alongside your entry. 

    Best Body Painting Makeup – Your look is not restricted to the face for this one. 

    The best body painting makeup category allows you to use full or partial body painting to create your entry and may even involve using body paint as an alternative to clothing. 

    Best Reparative Makeup – The best reparative makeup category is all about celebrating the ways you can transform the look and self-esteem of someone living with illness or injury. 

    There is no fee involved for entry into this category, to celebrate and raise awareness for the people doing this meaningful and transformative work.

    The specifics aren’t restrictive, your work may involve creating a makeup look with chemo patients, burns victims, people with acne scarring, prosthetics etc. 

    Best Eco-Friendly / Sustainable Makeup – This category is for looks that are created entirely with eco-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable makeup products. 

    Please include a description of products used and how they fit into this category alongside your entry. 

    Best Bridal Makeup – The Best Bridal Makeup Competition category is for any makeup look on a bride. 

    Film / TV Makeup – This category is for makeup artists working in film and TV.

    Stage/Event Makeup – Any looks created for productions including on-stage theater, live music and pageants are eligible for this category. 

    Student Makeup – Students currently enrolled in a beauty course are eligible to compete in this category for free. It’s a great opportunity to expand your portfolio and compete against other beauty students in an international makeup competition

    Who Competes In Beauty Industry Makeup Challenges?

    The IBI Awards know all too well that the people who work in the beauty industry don’t just fit into one box. 

    This is an industry with people as diverse as their talents, and thankfully the opportunities you have to showcase your talents don’t require you to fit into a box either.

    Makeup artist awards, competitions and challenges are for everyone.

    Whether you are an amateur makeup artist or a pro makeup artist who has been in the game for years, makeup competitions are the perfect opportunity to have your work seen on an international platform. 


    Pro Makeup Artists

    This doesn’t just mean the big names in the industry, but anyone who has been working as a professional makeup artist. 

    While you may already have your foot in the door and be working in the industry, entering into a makeup competition is a way you can challenge yourself, stay relevant in a competitive industry and break up your daily routine. 

    People enter the beauty industry for many reasons, one of them being to express their creativity. 

    Getting involved in an online makeup contest is a way to channel your creativity and get exposure to a panel of industry experts who will be looking at your work.

    You may end up with a certificate on the wall, and maybe even a trophy to prove to your clients that you really are the best of the best. 

    What are you waiting for?


    Makeup Influencers

    Makeup influencers play an important role in challenging beauty standards, creating unique and innovative content and inspiring other budding MUA’s. 

    There are many benefits for makeup influencers to enter beauty industry makeup challenges

    You may already have a large following after years in the game, or maybe you’re in the process of building up your platform and want to engage with a wider audience. 

    Whether you are using Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok (or all of them!) as your platform(s) of choice, you can show your followers your dedication to the craft and take the chance to push your boundaries. 

    Entering a makeup competition is a great way to get noticed. 

    While anyone in the game would love to take the title of makeup influencer of the year, it’s not only about winning an award, but also the other exposure you gain. 

    If you win a category or are listed as a Finalist, your work will be shared on The IBI Awards platforms, creating more opportunities to expand your audience and take your influence to the next level. 

    You’ll also end up with some more amazing content for your platform. 


    Makeup Hobbyists

    Makeup artistry may be your hobby, but entering makeup challenges is a way you can gain recognition and get rewarded for your talent. 

    You could use it as an opportunity to compete against the gods of the makeup industry, take your hobby to the next level and get some experience in the professional beauty industry.  

    For you, it may just be a fun and exciting way to explore your creativity. 

    Whatever reason works for you is a good one and your entries into a makeup competition are welcome and encouraged. 

    The IBI Awards uses an unbiased and independent panel of judges, your work will be judged through the same lens as all other submissions.  


    Amateur Makeup Artists

    Are you a budding MUA looking to take your skills a bit further? 

    Entering a makeup competition may be the difference between you being viewed as an amateur or a professional in the industry. 

    Entering a competition for makeup like The IBI Awards is an opportunity to showcase and develop your skills, create and submit a professional and be among a spectacular cohort of the top makeup talents in the industry. 

    Your work won’t be judged by your experience or who you know, but by your makeup skills. It’s fair for everyone involved. 

    If you enter The IBI Awards, your work may earn you recognition an international stage. 


    Student Makeup Artists

    Students studying in the beauty industry are welcomed and encouraged to enter The IBI Awards. 

    The IBI Awards is a competition that does not judge you on your name, your experience or your connections, but purely on the quality of your entry and your talent. 

    To ensure there are no barriers for students to enter The IBI Awards, all students who are currently enrolled in a beauty course are entitled to one free entry

    Competing in competitions is an excellent way for student makeup artists to jumpstart their careers, develop their portfolios, and apply their studies into practice. 

    You’ll have the chance to follow the process of creating a look and presenting it professionally from conception to completion. 

    If your work is up to standards, you have just as much of a chance of winning or becoming a finalist as the gurus of the industry do.

    “Asian Bride” by Sita Gill, Middlessex, UK // 2022 Semi-Finalist, Culturally Inspired

    Can My Makeup Salon Business Compete For The Beauty Awards?

    Whether you run a small makeup salon or have a huge team working for your business, you can compete in the International Beauty Industry Awards. 

    There are many benefits for businesses entering makeup competitions and awards

    This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and your work to an international audience. 

    You’ll be competing against other international makeup artists, giving you an insight into what people on the other side of the world are creating in the beauty industry. 

    While the competition itself is international, it is also online. 

    A significant benefit of an online makeup competition is that you can continue with business as usual while you compete instead of having to take time off to travel and attend awards ceremonies. 

    This removes barriers to entry and gives all people and businesses the opportunity to get involved. 

    The winners of the International Beauty Industry Awards receive publicity and promotion of their work through our social media and website. 

    Your entry will give you excellent and high quality content for your portfolio and if you are a category winner, you will receive an awards trophy. 

    The awards trophy was designed with intent by the same team who make iconic awards such as the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice Awards, the Emmys and the MTV Awards. 

    You can bet it will look amazing on display at your beauty salon and show off to your clients that your work is award winning.

    Makeup Competition TV Shows For Inspiration

    Many of us in the industry find ourselves drawn to makeup competition television shows. 

    You might watch them for makeup competition ideas, inspiration or even just for entertainment.

    Many people love watching them, but competing in a show like a Netflix makeup competition is not an option for everyone in the industry. 

    Being involved with a competition like this requires getting through a tough application process, travel, leaving your family and work and committing for weeks on end. 

    The good news is, Netflix and Amazon Prime have some stellar shows you can easily stream. The bad news is they aren’t as easy to enter as a competitor.

    However, those who can’t make those types of commitments can still enter online international competitions like The IBI Awards. This way you can compete for recognition in the most accessible way, playing your part in keeping the beauty industry colorful, innovative and inspirational. 


    Glow Up

    Glow Up is a British makeup competition show that aims to discover up and coming makeup artists. 

    The contestants take part in weekly makeup challenges for the opportunity of a big break in their makeup career and the beauty industry. 

    The challenges are assigned and judged by industry professionals Val Garland of L’Oréal Paris and Dominic Skinner of MAC Cosmetics alongside weekly guest stars. 

    If the contestants meet the creative brief and the judges like the result, contestants progress to the next stage of the competition and the next episode of the show. 

    The MUA who performs the worst is eliminated from the show. 

    Since its release in 2019, Glow Up has gained a huge fan base, and for good reason too. 

    It’s worth the watch for the glitz, glamor and excitement. 

    The finale for Season 3, hosted by Maya Jama, has already aired, so if you haven’t watched it yet there are plenty of episodes to find inspiration in. 

    If you’re interested in seeing what up-and-coming artists in the industry can create and to see how they cope and create with the pressure of a makeup competition show on  Netflix, check this one out. 

    Amazon Prime

    Face Off

    Face Off is a Makeup competition from the US where a group of prosthetic and special effect makeup artists battle to create the best special effects makeup looks such as those you would see in horror, fantasy and science fiction films. 

    The artists face a weekly “Spotlight Challenge” to create a fully made up character in line with a theme, which challenges and pushes their artistry and techniques to the limits. 

    Each contestant has their work evaluated by the judging panel, which includes industry legends Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Patrick Tatopoulos. 

    Each week the judges will eliminate an artist until the finale when the winner is chosen. Hosting the show is American actress, McKenzie Kate Westmore. 

    The contestant who wins gets USD $10,000, so the stakes are high and the drama and excitement of the show reflects this.

    While this show is not for those who love makeup competitions and games for glamorous looks, you will be impressed by spectacular SFX Makeup and the ways contestants innovate to complete the challenge. 

    For those of you who are willing to boost your screen time, you have 13 full seasons (or 160 episodes) of Face Off already available to watch. 

    If your forte is special effects makeup, you can’t miss watching this.

    “Blanc” by Vikki Aldridge, Aveley, Western Australia // 2022 Winner, Best Editorial

    International Makeup Competitions

    Are you a makeup artist looking for an international competition in your home country? 

    There are many events, competitions and awards taking place for people in the beauty industry in all corners of the globe. 


    Makeup Competitions USA

    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    If you’re looking for a makeup competition and live in the United States, don’t look past The IBI Awards. 

    The IBI Awards is a Global Makeup Competition open for entrants from all over the world. 

    Borders aren’t a barrier to entry for these awards as the competition is completely online, and neither is any reputation or past experience in the industry.


    Texas International Hair and Beauty Show

    The Texas International Hair and Beauty Show is the largest hair and beauty show in the South Central region of the USA. 

    In addition to makeup competitions for both professional and student MUA’s, the exposition also features speakers, product demonstrations, talks on innovation in the industry and the opportunity for direct sales of merchandise and cosmetics. 

    Competition categories include Full Face Glam, Day of the Dead and Glammed Special F/X. 

    The competition is an opportunity for talent in the region to compete, compare and see who is the best of the best in that industry. 

    There is a cash prize for the category winners. This is an in-person event and all competition applicants must register and pay the fees in advance. 


    The Makeup Show USA

    This one is not a makeup competition, but it is a chance to see what’s new on the cosmetic scene. 

    Various makeup artists, hair stylists and industry professionals attend the event venues in California, New York City, Chicago or webinars online to see demonstrations from top brands

    If you’re in the beauty industry and want to purchase new products, they also have wholesome cosmetics for sale and ​​application demonstrations.


    Makeup Competitions Canada

    Western Canada Fashion Week 

    The West Canada Fashion Week is an internationally renowned event that showcases the work of the fashion and beauty industry. 

    There are competitions for up and coming fashion designers, hair artistry and makeup artistry, providing a platform for creatives in the West Canada area to showcase their creativity and gain exposure and advance their skills in the beauty industry. 

    Entrants can compete in the Master Artist Makeup Competition which has a Fantasy Makeup theme. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    For people in Canada looking for an online contest, The IBI Awards is an online makeup competition open for submissions from entrants all over the world. 

    The IBI Awards is a makeup competition judged by industry professionals and there are almost 50 different categories, so MUA’s with all strengths and backgrounds can have a shot at the glory of becoming a winner. 



    CAFA is an organization which gives annual awards to celebrate outstanding achievement and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry. 

    Canadian makeup artists are able to self nominate for Makeup Artist of the Year, an award which is presented to a Canadian makeup artist who has shown innovation, talent and creativity in the fashion industry. 

    You do not need to create a specific entry for this competition, though you must be able to demonstrate your involvement and success from the previous year, providing a biography and statement on what you are doing differently in the makeup and fashion industry that makes you unique

    You must either be based in Canada or a Canadian citizen to be eligible for this competition. 


    Makeup Competitions UK

    Professional Beauty London

    For those on the search for an in-person makeup competition in the UK, Professional Beauty London is an in person event in London offering categories including body painting, films, bridal, editorial and creative influence. 

    This competition is inclusive for both professionals and aspiring MUA’s, allowing creatives with all levels of experience to show their talents. 

    The cost of entry depends on your level of experience, with beginners getting a start in the industry paying less to enter than professionals. 


    Creative Media Makeup Competition

    This competition is aimed at creative media makeup artists who can create a themed look within a time constraint using the application of makeup and prosthetics. 

    It’s not for traditional looks, but for creative media makeup artists to transform their canvas into something truly unique and often out of this world. 

    The competition exists to celebrate the talent within this part of the beauty industry. 

    Those entering take part in competitions in venues across the UK or online and finalists will come together in person to see who wins the contest.

    The competition is only open to MUA’s who have obtained a full Level 2 Makeup qualification within the last two years and/or are enrolled on a Makeup program of study working towards Level 3 or Level 4. 

    For further information on how to meet core competencies, refer to their website. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    Not all makeup artists in the UK are able to attend in person events. It doesn’t work for everyone, whether that’s because they don’t have a local competition, are unable to travel or cannot take time off from work to participate in a beauty competition. 

    For people in this kind of situation, the best makeup awards are ones that are accessible and fit their unique situation. 

    The IBI Beauty awards is an international online contest where MUA’s of all backgrounds and experience levels can compete for recognition in their category of choice. 


    Makeup Competitions Europe

    World Body Painting Festival 

    The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) is a bodypainting festival and competition which is held annually in Austria. 

    Previously an in-person event, the World Body Painting Festival has pivoted to an online competition since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, allowing it to continue running despite restrictions and health risks. 

    Makeup and body painting artists from over 50 countries compete in this competition annually, and the in-person event has attracted thousands of spectators who come to see the creations. 


    Swiss Creative Makeup Contest

    The Swiss Creative Makeup Contest was first launched in 2019, with organizers including prominent makeup artist Marguerite Gebhardt. 

    Her intention was to create a space where newcomers and pro makeup artists in Switzerland and across Europe could show off their talent and receive the recognition they deserve. 

    Each year, a theme is selected, with Avant-garde Spring being the chosen topic for the 2022 makeup contest. 

    At least one element of the theme must be incorporated into the makeup artistry, though applicants are encouraged to be as creative as they want in their interpretation. 

    There are two categories for entry, one for Makeup Students and the other for Pro Makeup artists. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    The IBI Awards are not only a great option for makeup artists in Europe, but the world over. 

    It is a competition that surpasses borders, allowing submissions from MUA’s from all nationalities and professional backgrounds. 

    The event is entirely online, meaning there are no expensive and time consuming competition events or awards ceremonies to attend. 

    It is a truly accessible makeup competition for those in the beauty industry to showcase their talents. 


    Makeup Competitions Asia

    IBE Make-up Artist Awards

    The Malaysian based IBE Make-up Artist Awards provide a ​​ professional stage for makeup artists to apply their skills and gain international recognition. 

    Responding to the global situation, the IBE Make-up Artist Awards provides both an in-person and virtual competition, in an effort to make the competition more accessible to people everywhere. 

    The onsite event is held at the ​​Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpar. 

    Those interested in nail artistry have the opportunity to enter a nail art competition too. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    Makeup Artists across the continent of Asia are encouraged to enter The IBI Awards. 

    The competition is completely online, making it accessible to people to participate in, no matter where they are based on what their financial position is. 

    The IBI Awards believe in inclusion and celebrating talent, so your professional background or geographical location will not be determinants of your success. 

    With almost 50 different categories for makeup artists to submit their work to, there’s a variety of different ways you can explore your talents and challenge yourself as a MUA. 


    Makeup Competitions South Africa

    Professional Beauty 

    The Professional Beauty Makeup Competition, hosted in Johannesburg, offers people in the beauty industry the chance to showcase their skills and get creative for the chance of recognition and some amazing beauty prizes. 

    This annual makeup competition has been a highlight of the Johannesburg Professional Beauty Exhibition for the last 13 years, and provides the chance for MUA’s to challenge themselves, improve their skills and show off their talents. 

    The competition has a diverse range of categories, making it appealing for local beauty professionals in South Africa, no matter their area of specialization. 


    EOHCB Digital Hair, Nail, and Makeup Artistry Competition

    The EOHCB responded to Pandemic restrictions by creating an online hair, nail and makeup artistry competition for MUA’s in South Africa. 

    This is a free makeup competition and your level of experience is not a barrier to entry, though you must be a resident of South Africa to participate in the competition.

    The theme of the 2021 competition was Graffiti, encouraging all entrants to explore their skills within this theme. 

    Whether your forte in the beauty industry is makeup, hair or nails, you have an opportunity to express your creativity in this South African beauty contest. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    For those in South Africa searching for makeup competitions, look no further than the IBI Awards. 

    This online beauty competition will put you up against other creatives from all over the world, providing an opportunity to expand your exposure and grow your platform. 

    No matter if you’ve had 20 years or 20 minutes of professional experience, The IBI Awards welcomes you to show off what you can create with your makeup artistry and celebrate your talent. 


    Makeup Competitions Australia

    The Sunshine Pro Series Makeup Competition

    Hosted in sunny Brisbane as a part of the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo, the Sunshine Pro Series Makeup Competition is an exciting event for makeup artists searching for competitions in Australia. 

    They offer a wide range of categories where MUA’s can show off their makeup application skills and explore their creativity, with categories ranging from SFX Character to Dior Couture Runway and Full Body Painting. 

    Alongside their makeup competition, there are also competitions for Hair Artistry, Barbering, Nails and Lashes, and opportunities to see watch demonstrations and purchase merchandise and  the newest products at the same venue


    The Show Sydney 

    The Show Sydney is a one stop event for all things beauty industry. It’s an annual event that runs masterclasses, competitions, talks and more all from the same venue

    They offer makeup competitions with themes of SFX, Fantasy and body painting, all which encourage makeup artists to innovate and offers them a chance to collaborate with the greatest talents in the makeup industry. 

    Fans of internationally renowned makeup artist Ben Nye will be impressed to know he is a major sponsor of the fantasy makeup category, and should expect a battle of MUA’s like no other. 

    Attendance at the Show Sydney is not limited to industry professionals, and anyone interested in the beauty industry is encouraged to attend, get involved and get inspired. 

    For those who love these industry events, you won’t be disappointed by the demonstrations, and appearances from Australia’s top industry professionals, models and influencers. 

    This competition has taken a pause in recent years due to the pandemic, though .is the major sponsor of the Fantasy Competition. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    Australia is a huge country, and not all MUA’s will have the opportunity to enter an in- person event. 

    Additionally, many in the industry would benefit from the opportunity to compete with artists around the world, though this is not realistic for everyone for a whole host of reasons. 

    The IBI Awards is an online makeup competition where any issues of accessibility are eliminated and all people, no matter their professional background, can have their makeup artistry recognised.  

    Whether you’re based in Australia, Montenegro or Japan, your work deserves a platform on an international stage, and The IBI Awards provides that opportunity. 


    Makeup Competitions NZ

    The BeautyNZ Association Awards

    The BeautyNZ Association Awards are a not to be missed event for those in New Zealand’s (Aotearoa) Beauty Industry. 

    With awards for the best in the industry across categories including Best Makeup Artist, Best Nail Technician, Best Cosmetic tattooist and many more. 

    The awards aim to give recognition to the best in the industry who are holding up the excellent standard of the New Zealand  (Aotearoa) beauty industry. 

    Entry is only open to those in New Zealand with a membership to NZARBP (New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals). The awards ceremony is heldp in Auckland. 


    The International Beauty Industry Awards (The IBI Awards)

    Are you a makeup Artist in New Zealand (Aotearoa) and looking for an opportunity to compete with others in the industry on an international stage? 

    The IBI Awards is an internationally recognized makeup competition where entrants from all over the world can submit their work to almost 50 different categories and showcase their skills as an MUA

    Location or professional experience are no barrier to entry or your chance to be listed as a Finalist, and those who win in their category will receive a personalized statuette, exposure on all IBI Awards platforms and join an international cohort of talented artists who have won in past years of the competition.

    “Snow Princess” by Joanna Łukasiak, Płock, Poland // 2022 Semi-Finalist, Best Character/Cosplay

    What Do Makeup Competition Winners And Finalists Receive?

    Makeup artists competing on an international stage want to showcase their achievements. 

    The ways that makeup competition Winners and Finalists are recognized will vary depending on the competition you enter. 

    The following are common prizes and opportunities afforded to the people who can show they are the best in the game. 

    Glory & Recognition

    This one probably goes without saying, but when there’s a lot of glory that comes when you win a competition, that recognition goes a long way. 


    Winners of makeup competitions may get to take home a trophy. Imagine being able to proudly display a trophy at your home or business, acting as a regular reminder of your success and showing off your expertise to clients. 


    Certificates are common awards given to winners and finalists of Makeup Competitions to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishment it took to get to that point. 

    Just like a trophy, they are a great way to remind you of your accomplishments and show your excellence to clients.  


    The chance of taking home a cash prize works as a pretty great motivator for any competition. Some makeup competitions will offer a cash prize to Winners and Finalists. 

    These cash prizes may vary depending on the number of entrants in the competition. 

    It could be a cash prize of anywhere between a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. 

    Social Media Promo

    Many makeup artistry competitions will have large social media followings, and winners and finalists can have their work featured on their page. 

    A feature on their social media profiles may just take your profile to the next level, which is an invaluable way to get more clients. 

    This will usually include you being tagged on the post which takes those who see the post straight to your profile. 

    Job opportunities

    With the title of Winner or Finalist under your belt, no doubt your opportunities to work with industry experts will increase. 

    Some competitions may have a job, internship or networking opportunity as part of the incentive for Winners and Finalists. 

    The next makeup artists to win the International Beauty Industry Awards will receive their very own personalized statuette to proudly place on display. 


    Winners of The IBI Award

    The IBI Award Statuette is a handcrafted and well-considered and artful trophy that aims to be representative of our diverse entrants and as show-stopping as the work they produce. 

    It was designed with intention by the New York City team who created iconic trophies for awards including the Emmys and the MTV awards.

    Statuettes are awarded to the Winner of each of the 50 categories, provided the judges determine the quality standard and criteria in that category has been met. 

    Category Finalists will receive a personalized certificate acknowledging their excellence in makeup artistry. 

    Category Winners and Finalists will receive promotion and recognition on IBI Awards social channels such as Instagram. 

    Quality images of your work may be posted on the IBI Awards social pages with a tag to your profile.

    With over 13,500 people ​​following The IBI Awards on Instagram alone, this will give a platform for your work to be appreciated by a wide audience and an opportunity to expand your own platform. 

    Category Winners, Finalists and Semi-finalists of each category will have their work permanently added to the Winners gallery of that year on the IBI website. 

    Images of these entries will be placed in an album alongside the makeup artist award Winners and Finalists from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond.


    How do you participate in a makeup competition?

    The steps to participate in a makeup competition will depend on which competition you choose to enter. 

    To enter the IBI Awards, the process is as simple as following these steps:

    • Bring your vision to life and photograph your makeup competition entry. The way you do this is entirely up to you!
    • Upload up to three photos of your look(s) on the Enter page. 
    • Choose the categories that fit your entry. 
    • Fill out your payment and shipping information. 

    After you enter, an Independent Judging Council will review entries and winners will be announced!


    How can I pay for my entry?

    The entry fee can be paid using any major credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

    The fee is for the Beauty Awards USD $88 per entry/category 

    Please note that students currently enrolled in a beauty course are eligible for a free entry in the Student Makeup Category. 

    There is no fee involved for entries in the Best Reparative Hair/Makeup categories. 


    How many categories can I submit to?

    A single entry can be entered in up to three categories at once to increase it’s exposure. It’s important to note that a single piece can only win in one category.  

    If you want to enter your work into more than three categories, you will have to create and pay for another entry to be eligible for more categories. 

    With almost 50 categories, there is a category for every style.  


    Is there a discount if I submit to multiple categories?

    Unfortunately, there is no discount if you submit to multiple categories but The IBI Awards sometimes offer discounted pricing at certain times during the competition to allow more artists to participate. 

    If you want to enter The IBI Beauty Awards without a fee, the Student Makeup* or the Best Reparative Makeup / Hair categories are always free for entrants. 

    *You must be currently enrolled in a beauty course to be eligible.


    After entries close, how long is it until competition results are announced?

    The Winners and Finalists of The IBI Awards are typically announced approximately 4-6 weeks after the closing date of the competition. 


    How will I find out the competition results?

    Winners and Finalists of The IBI Awards will be notified by email of the results. 

    Once the selection process for Winners and Finalists has been completed, an email is sent. 

    To make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting news, it’s important to enter the competition with a valid email address. 

    These results will be announced approximately 1 month after the competition closes. 


    What are the copyright rules when I submit my work?

    Your work will remain your property with you and you only retain ownership. 

    When you submit your entry, you give permission to the IBI Beauty Awards to feature and promote your work with your name on their channels. 

    This is how we celebrate amazing artists on our platform and give you the recognition you deserve. 

    Who can apply?

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