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An IBI exclusive interview with Make-Up Artist, Melissa Atencia

Eliza Kanner
Updated May 29, 2020

Our IBI Award recipients not only produce incredible work, but they have offered advice to fellow artists in hopes to help bring our community close while a part.

Brazilian professional make-up artist and IBI winner for Best Moulage/Injury, Melissa Atencia, shares what she has been doing while not working on motion pictures.

2019 IBI Award Winner, Melissa Atencia

How is this affecting your business? Are you shut down, and if so was it a mandated shut or are you optionally shutting to help prevent the spread?

I am definitely shut down, since it was recommended (and I agree) to help prevent the spread! I have been having time to work on my website, started gathering films I’ve worked on to (finally) do my reel and keep updating my portfolio. I also have been studying doing make-up projects at home to boost my social media.


If you are not working, how are you expressing your creativity now that they don’t/can’t have clients and creative projects?

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest to get new ideas and inspirations to keep my creativity flowing, aside from planning make-up projects to start posting more on my pages, for example, doing a lot of face charts – and each time getting a better technique on them!


Are you doing anything now that will help your business later when you are ready to re-open?

Definitely keeping in touch with clients/directors that I have worked with, and a social media revamp coming soon!


Can you offer any advice for fellow artisans on what they could do during this time?

I believe that the most important advice is to keep your mind busy and since we’re artists, I would say the best way is to do it by using your creativity: watch a lot of content, get inspired. Gather all your projects that you wanted to do when you were busy and take this extra time to do them now. And if there are days you’re feeling down, just rest, eat something you love to eat, watch a good movie and get some sleep! Take care of yourself, take a bath, do a face mask and know that we will get through this eventually. Don’t lose hope!


If you are struggling financially, what has helped you get by?

Not right now, but I have been cooking my own food – which is something I love to do but never had time to do it – and that helps to save some money. Not spending with gas, also saves a lot. Just by spending only on essentials is already a huge financial (and environmental) help. 


What can clients do to support your business?

Definitely gift cards or donations help make-up artists who are struggling. If they can’t help that way, then sharing the MUA’s work on social media, telling their friends about what a great MUA that person is, that’s already a huge help. 


What and/or who is inspiring you? 

Literally any artist who has a passion for what they do. I just love watching those people’s content. Also, watching movies that required a lot of make-up done are very inspiring to me, wondering how it must have been like to be on that set and having that attention to detail so the make-up would come out as perfect as it was. 

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