The Rules

Entering The IBI Awards

Who can enter

The IBI Awards is open to Makeup and Hair Artists over the age of 18 including and not limited to: Professionals, Amateurs, Students, and Hobbyist, from all over the world.

That being said, unfortunately at this time due to international sanctions, the following countries cannot participate in the competition:

Belarus, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Libya, Vietnam, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Liberia, North Cyprus, Lebanon, Central African Republic

The IBI Awards cannot be held responsible for local laws around the world. If for some reason your country does not allow you to participate in a creative competition or has a different minimum age or any other restriction then please do not attempt to enter.

Nature of Competition

The IBI Awards is a talent-based creative competition. Entering your work does not guarantee you will place as a Winner or Finalist.  Photographs of work are reviewed by the Independent Judging Council and their scores determine the results. There are other “awards” out there in which you can pay to “win” or be recognized – this is not one of them.


A single piece of work can be entered into up to 3 relevant categories. For professional categories, an entry fee will apply per category.

If an entry is selected as the Winner in a category, that same entry may not be eligible to also place in a second category. This is to encourage exposure of as much art as possible.

Each entry is for one look/piece only. You can include up to 3 different photographs of the same look/piece.

  • File formats: JPG and PNG, 10Mb or under. Recommended minimum dimension is 1000 pixels.
  • You can add a written description of any special techniques you used or anything else you would like the judges to know about your artistry.


Any artistry entered must have been completed in the 18 months prior to your date of entry.


You must have been the primary Makeup or Hair artist behind any artistry you enter.

Real Work

The work submitted must be actual Makeup or Hair Artistry. You cannot submit an illustration or drawing.

Unacceptable Material

Entries that contain pornographic material, propagate “hate” messages, make or imply defamatory statements or that are otherwise offensive are not eligible.

Intellectual Property

We assume that all entries are original and the entrant either owns the work and has permission to enter it. If an entrant without such rights submits an entry, it will not be eligible for the competition. Artists will retain ownership rights of any photographs submitted. The IBI Awards cannot be held responsible for the use of photographs that have not been given appropriate permission by the photographer or owner, this responsibility falls exclusively on the artist submitting. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more detail.

Sharing of Submissions

Submission of any entry (including video) acknowledges the right of The IBI Awards to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium.  Please do not enter any work that cannot be shared publicly.

If an entry receives an award, the manner and details of announcing that nomination and award is up to the discretion of The IBI Awards. The entrant understands that all awards may not be given or publicized in the same manner and some might be presented in a ceremony and others might not.


Qualifying Beauty Students are eligible for one free entry. Only current beauty students are eligible for the Student Hair or Student Makeup categories. The student categories are for newcomers and are not intended for professionals taking continuing education courses.

Reparative Hair & Makeup Entries

There is no fee for entering the Best Reparative Makeup and Reparative Hair categories. If you are transforming people’s self esteem while they battle a physical illness or injury, we want to celebrate you. Please ensure the privacy of the subject in the photo is respected and the subject has either given permission or their identity has been disguised or is not visible in the photo. If an entrant without such rights submits an entry, it will not be eligible for the competition. Please do not enter any work that cannot be shared publicly.

While we greatly appreciate the transformative power of Hair and Makeup to address or improve mental health, the Reparative categories are for artists helping those with physical conditions.


Submissions are reviewed by the Independent Judging Council who attribute a score to each entry. To give every Beauty Artisan the fairest possible opportunity, members of the Independent Judging Council do not see any identifying information like names, professional backgrounds or country of origin. This creates a truly independent Judging experience where entrants’ notoriety or resume is not considered as part of the judging process. An amateur is judged exactly the same as a pro because you will be judged solely on the artistry you submit.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria within the categories you enter under:

  • Visual Success
  • Technical Execution
  • Creativity & Concept (Where applicable)

Artists must not attempt to contact or influence members of the Judging Council otherwise they will face disqualification.

Winners and Finalists

International Beauty Industry Award-Winners are the single highest-scoring entry in each of the categories, provided that the Judges determine that quality standards were met. There is only one Winner awarded per category.

Finalists in the International Beauty Industry Award are the next highest scoring non-winning entries, again provided that quality standards were met. Typically there are two Finalists awarded per category.


The IBI Awards reserves the right to cancel a category if there are not enough entries or quality standards are not met. If a category is cancelled then artists will be offered to move their entry to another category.  The IBI Awards may also split categories in order to create maximum exposure for artists.

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