The 2020-2021 IBI Awards | Hair Artistry

Best Reparative Hair


“Reparative hair transformation”
by Roxanne Jade

Surrey, England

“This client had gone through a long stint of chemotherapy and lost all of her hair, a lot of it had grown back but was not in great condition and when it first started growing she had coloured with a blonde box dye to cover greys but then got in ill health again so just left it and clipped it up for months. Sadly her husband passed away and it was his funeral and her daughter came to me asking if I could please make her hair look a bit more acceptable and try and lift her mood.”


“Hair Dreams”
by Sally Grech

Penrith, Australia

“…client had melanoma surgery. I used this technique to give my client the confidence to be able to look beautiful…it is glue free and no bead contact to irritate sensitive scalp.”