The 2024 IBI Awards | Makeup Artistry

Best Collection


“Sculpture Warriors”
by Monique van Baal


Organic shapes draped and immortalized in bronze, sculptured and captured as real sculptures of art.

An inspiration that was translated into a concept where hair was transformed and captivated into a wearable form of art.


by Reggy Van Gils


Gradient from dark to light, warm colors kissed by sunlight. From soft textures to smooth slim cuts, avant-garde but touchable hair.

by Lisa Von Kurvink


The collection is a nod to 1960’s British Mod Culture. Reimagining sharp, neat and hip lines and patterns in a modern and more avant-garde take.


by Erin Fernandes


Hair paper, feathers and faux fur were used to create shapes replicating hair.

“Sculpted Strands”
by Juliette den Ouden

During a transformative journey to Rome, I found myself immersed in the grandeur of its architecture and sculptures. Their timeless beauty stirred something deep within me, igniting a new vision. As a hairstylist, I viewed hair as my canvas and scissors as my sculpting tools, and the intricate designs of the sculptures inspired me to embark on a creative journey.

“La Dolce Vita”
by Giuseppe Manco


A masterclass in style and elegance, this collection epitomises Italian style. Crafted with true Italian flair and grace, La Dolce Vita combines precision cutting with feminine styling and finishes that celebrate the most glamorous interpretation of the female aesthetic.

Pavlina Gemedzhieva


The collection of analysis and the admiration of geometry in nature. The collection reveals the multi-layered dimension of reality in shapes and colors that always lead to harmony.

“My Guys”
by Marilyn Vendittelli


This collection shows 3 handsome fellas with all three different textures and shapes. All three models share the creative wardrobe styles showcasing movements and geometry similar to their hair. Curls with height, smooth pompadour volume and texture with width.