The 2024 IBI Awards | Makeup Artistry

Best Reparative Makeup


“Between Life and Death”
by Ekaterina Rychkova


It happens in life that a young beautiful woman finds out about cancer. And life and health are also in balance, where in one hand death and despair consume it with dark butterflies, and on the other hand there is bright hope and the desire to live. And it is so important to look on the bright side, look for miracles and beauty around and not give up until the last flutter of the butterfly of life.

My model went through 6 courses of chemotherapy and still found the strength and time for this project (she didn’t have much). I’m so proud of her


“My World”
by Rhona Gatt


The world, the nature, the colours, the blends, the texture all of which fascinate me. I love the natural components that mother nature gives. What a sight. On the other hand my model has alopecia & doesn’t see the same sight as me. So I built it for her, around her, with her and called it My World. The world I seek.

“The Phoenix”
by Elina Kymäläinen


An empowering photoshoot for a lady who got breast cancer. Even though she has lost her hair and breast is showing surgical scars she is feeling like a Phoenix bird. After hard surgeries and chemotherapy she is ready to rise again.

All the white broken clay on her naked body mirrors the same kind or feelings, it’s possible to break your old “shell” and create something totally new and beautiful.

The model’s own words behind the picture:
“Like the Phoenix bird I rise
towards new.
Humbled, but proud
I walk the path of life.”


“Paramedical Micropigmentation”
by Katia Ribeiro Buttenbender


Paramedical micropigmentation is a very cautious and challenging procedure. In this procedure, I performed the reconstruction of the areola and nipple for this client. She lost her nipple due to severe necrosis after undergoing a mastopexy procedure. The major difficulty was working on pigment implantation under the scars and reconstructing the nipple in a 3D form, but it was rewarding to deliver a result that exceeded her expectations. Paramedical micropigmentation work is more than just changing the aesthetics of the body; it’s about changing lives. I am extremely happy to provide this service free of charge to my community.

“Make up is a voice”
by Tiina Lamberg

With this work, I wanted to demonstrate how powerful form of expression makeup can be. It’s like a voice you want others to hear from you. For many people with conditions like alopecia or those who have lost their hair and eyebrows due chemotherapy or other illnesses, wearing a wig can feel unfamiliar and challenging. In those moments, makeup becomes a fantastic tool to express oneself and showcase different aspects of oneself.

“Truth Behind the Eyes”
by Amal Chahfh


This beautiful young girl was diagnosed with Alopecia in her early 20s. This was caused by a family incident that put her in a state of shock and as a result, she lost all her eyelashes, all her eyebrows, and all her hair. While working on her eyebrows using the microshading technique, I myself had to overcome a challenge, as she was very sensitive, both physically and emotionally. I found myself giving her a couple of breaks in between, in order for her to calm down because she was continuously crying from the beginning of our meeting, all the way to the end. For such a young girl to go through such challenges in her life, I’m thankful that I was able to give her her eyebrows again, but most importantly, her smile again.

“Beauty in me”
by Herman – Bakonyszegi Beáta


My model has vitiligo, so we wanted to show how strong make up can work. You have your Beauty in you, no matter how your skin looks. What we wanted to presented is we can show our real skin or we can hide everything if we want. This is the magic of makeup.

“A photography session on Valentine’s Day”
by Nehad Mossa Mahmoud Mossa


I wanted to make Valentine’s Day with the most beautiful child named Farah, a hero from Duane’s syndrome.

I wanted to make this beautiful heart to symbolize us innocently to express love in its tender way full of unconditional love and to focus on love to respect and love all human beings without distinction or racism.

And we will not find any more beautiful than the heart of joy that was happy with my participation and drawing a smile and joy to the heart of joy and her happiness with the makeup that she gave for her tender heart