The 2024 IBI Awards: Winners, Finalists & Semi-Finalists

Artists from 65 countries entered the 2024 International Beauty Industry Awards.

Best Full Face

Best Eyes

Best Lips

Best Before & After Makeup

Best Creative Makeup

Best Natural Makeup

Best Glam

Best Editorial Makeup

Best Men’s Makeup

Best Eyebrows

Best Unconventional Makeup

Best Avant-Garde Makeup

Best Use of Glitter

Best Special Effects

Best High Fashion Makeup

Best Body Painting

Best Student Makeup

Best Make-up Art

Best Culturally Inspired Makeup & Hair

Best Character / Cosplay

Best Bridal Makeup

Best Reparative Makeup

Best Overall Cut & Style

Best Hand-Painted Color Technique

Best Braided Style

Best Creative Hair

Best Wig

Best Short Hair Cut & Style

Best Multi-tonal Color

Best Natural Hair

Best Eco-Friendly Hair

Best Unconventional Hair

Best Student Hair

Best Reparative Hair

Best Men’s Cut & Style

Best Fantasy / Vivid Color

Best High Fashion

Best Avant-Garde

Best Up-do / Up-style

Best Before & After Hair

Best Editorial Hair

Best Hair Art

Best Bridal Hair

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Best Collection